Guidelines for Pre-arranged Panels

Please note that there will be no charge for proposing a Panel, provided that it aligns with the themes and topics of the SEAHRN Conference 2024.

  1. In cases where a group of presenters intends to form a panel, the panel convener is required to submit the Panel Proposal after coordinating with the other speakers. The proposal should include among other details: The Background of the Proposal, highlighting the significance of the topic within the SEAHRN Conference 2024 (max. 1000 words); the Speakers’ Presentation Sequence; the Names and Affiliated Institutions of the Speakers; as well as their Abstracts.
  2. The proposed panel should consist of 4 (or, exceptionally, 5) presenters, including the panel convener.
  3. The panel convener must be one of the proposed paper-presenters for the panel in question. 
  4. At most two panelists may be from the same university. 
  5. A panel should not have more than 1 PhD student. 
  6. It is strongly encouraged that a panel must include representatives from geographically diverse regions, ideally comprising presenters from more than one Southeast Asian country. 
  7. The deadline of the Panel Proposal submission is 17 May 2024, 12 p.m. Bangkok/Jakarta Time.
  8. The Panel Proposal should be directly submitted to SEAHRN Conference 2024 email ([email protected]). 
  9. Participants will be notified of the status of their submission on 1 June 2024 via email. Upon acceptance of abstracts, full papers must be submitted by 1 August 2024.