SEAHRN is a consortium of human rights and peace academics and scholars from 22 university-based Southeast Asian institutions that conduct study programs, research and outreach activities on human rights, peace and conflict studies. To achieve the objective of creating a Southeast Asian culture based on human rights and peace principles, SEAHRN has been organizing the biennial SEAHRN International Conference on Human Rights and Peace in Southeast Asia since 2010. To date, we have brought together 1,200 academics, researchers, students, representatives from diplomatic missions, members of civil society organizations and members of government and inter-government agencies working on human rights and peace in the region.

The SEAHRN was born out of a common dream to enhance and deepen the knowledge and understanding of students and educators as well as other individuals and institutions from Southeast Asia in human rights. This goal will be achieved by engaging in collaborative research, improving course curricula and training programmes, sharing of best practices and conducting capacity building training of educators, staff and students and other interested individuals and institutions. Furthermore, it seeks necessary regional academic and civil society cooperation to sustain the effective promotion and protection of human rights in the region. The network desires to open its doors to interested institutions and individuals who share its vision for human rights in Southeast Asia.


Member institutions and individuals of the SEAHRN are committed to achieve the following objectives:

  • to Support member institutions, individuals and other Southeast Asian universities in developing and improving their human rights curricula;
  • to Enhance the capacity of trainers and teachers in human rights education through training;
  • to Address human rights issues within the region through public advocacy campaigns, international conferences and outreach programs;
  • to Harness cooperation among academics, civil society and ASEAN bodies for the development of human rights in Southeast Asia;
  • to Realize regular exchanges of best practices among its members and other interested institutions and individuals ; and
  • to Nurture relevant and excellent human rights education through faculty and student exchange programs and joint research projects.

The SEAHRN network has the following main objectives:

  • To strengthen higher education devoted to the study of human rights in Southeast Asia through faculty and course development
  • To develop deeper understanding and enhancement of human rights knowledge through collaborative research
  • To achieve excellent regional academic and civil society cooperation in realizing human rights in Southeast Asia
  • To conduct public advocacy through critical engagement with civil society actors, including inter-governmental bodies, in Southeast Asia